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Automated Remote Proctoring FAQs

General Info

What is NCCER offering to assist with craft module tests for those who can no longer meet with their classes in person?

  • Remote proctoring of craft module tests (knowledge only)
    • Does not apply to performance tests
    • Does not apply to NCCER journey-level assessments
    • Online testing system is required for remote proctoring
    • Paper tests cannot be done remotely
Requirements to participate:
  • Accept the Automated Remote Proctor Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Test Delivery Times & Class Size

Are there specific times I have to do the remote testing?

  • No. However, please be advised NCCER only offers support hours from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

How many students can be proctored at the same time?

  • For Automated Remote Proctoring test takers can be unlimited.

Accredited Training Sponsor

How will Sponsor Representatives know which of their instructors are using remote proctoring?

  • When the location is approved for Automated Remote proctoring, the sponsor representative is notified by email and is responsible for assigning testing permissions to any of their instructors as they see fit.

Performance Profiles

Can module Performance Profiles be conducted virtually?

  • No, at this time, Performance Profiles need to be conducted in person.

Do Performance Profiles need to be conducted at the same time as the knowledge tests?

  • No. Performance Profiles can be conducted at a later date. The successful knowledge test completion will show in the Registry as a partial completion and students can complete the performance when they are able to safely meet with their Instructor or Performance Evaluator.

If students are able to do performance tests this summer or in the fall, can they still receive the credential?

  • Yes. Once they take the knowledge test, it will show as a partial completion in the Registry. When they finish the performance, it will complete the credential. There is no time limit to get the performance done since knowledge completions do not expire in the Registry.


Are tests available in Spanish in the online testing system?

  • Yes, we have Spanish tests available for curricula that has been translated into Spanish.

What if the title I need does not have a Spanish test available?

  • If a Spanish test is not available in the system, the student will need to take the English test.
  • English tests cannot be translated into another language by instructors, proctors or students.


Can pipeline tests be given remotely?

  • No. Currently, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) prohibits remote proctoring in any form.