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DP Electric Integrates NCCER Curriculum During Annual Development Program

07/30/2020 Blog

“The growth of our people is the growth of our company.”

This quote from DP Electric’s Founder and CEO, Dan Puente, are the words that greet employees as they make their way to the training room for the companies’ employee development program, DP University. Housed at DP Electric’s home office in Tempe, Arizona, DP University [DPU] began as a safety training program and has since expanded across several other disciplines including technology, electrical theory and leadership development.

Now in its third year, DP University has elevated their learning experience for its employees by achieving a new quality standard: accreditation through the NCCER. “Our company culture is at the core of all we do. One important piece of our companies’ culture is opportunity. We believe in creating opportunities for our team to grow both personally and professionally,” says Dan Puente. “It is with this commitment we brought on a learning and development team to make this program a reality.”

NCCER Master Trainer and DPE Education Manager, Scot Rager echoes this vision through the instruction of both the programs educators and students. “Our goal is to take the curriculum and resources provided by NCCER and blend it with our core values so we can develop the industry’s best electrical craft professionals for many years to come.”

Courses in the program will use NCCER curriculum as the backbone of the program along with data from annual performance reviews to tightly tailor classes to the organization’s employee development needs. Using this approach, DPU will be able to effectively address developmental needs. “Every company has their own learning opportunities. By using industry standard learning material along with data, we are able to more deeply impact our employee’s career path,” says Puente.

The Apprenticeship Program at DPU, in its inaugural year, comprises of 65+ students across 12 instructors to create a unique, hands-on learning experience. “We are fortunate to have an excellent team of instructors in many different roles in our organization that can provide unique insights to the course materials. Whether its motor controls or bending conduit, we have access to proven, qualified instructors that are able to tailor their lessons to the students learning needs” says Rager. Using a block scheduling method, students in the program will attend classes only a single night a week with their school night being dependent on how far along they have progressed in the program. DPU also has a full-time education coordinator, Yanet Sanchez, to serve as a support system for students who need advisement. Students have been receptive to this new approach as well with over 70% participation among the company’s apprentice electricians.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions across the nation have had to revisit their approach to education. The DPU Apprenticeship Program is no exception. However, with DPU’s education support team, instructors are prepared and committed to excellence. “Our training room will be set up so students can safely practice social distancing. We also have ample supply of PPE such as face masks to ensure students have required face coverings,” says Yanet Sanchez. To keep students safe, class sizes will follow CDC Guidelines for both lecture and labs. The program has even put contingencies in place should the need to go remote present itself.

The first semester at the Apprenticeship Program at DP University officially began classes on July 27, 2020.

Interested in learning more about DP Electric and their apprenticeship program? Visit them online at

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