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News Brief: Core Level Test Now Available

05/13/2021 Press Release

News Brief

NCCER is now offering a Core Level test for knowledge that can be taken at the completion of the training. Although available for use with any program, the Core Level Test is especially useful when paired with our Fast Track program. This allows trainees to complete the comprehensive knowledge test at the end of the training.

Please note, successful completion and submission of the applicable Performance Profiles is required to receive module/level completion in the NCCER Registry.

See below for more details and check out the how-to guide here.

What is the cost of the Core Level test?

The Core Level test is $27 and will be invoiced monthly for tests taken. It is not eligible for the pre-purchase discount of individual online module tests. Fees will be incurred for all attempts, including retesting.

Is the Core Level test available on paper?

No, the Core Level test is only available in NCCER’s online Testing System.

Is the Core Level test available for all versions of Core?

The Core Level test correlates to the Core curriculum issued in 2015 and in 2019.

Are retakes available for sections of the test if needed?

No, the Core Level test must be passed with an overall score of 70 or above. If the test-taker receives a score of less than 70 (training recommended), the full test will need to be repeated. In addition, the Core Level test is not able to be partially completed if students have already started module tests, the full test must be taken.

Are the Performance Profiles different for the Core Level test?

While the material remains the same, the Performance Profiles associated with the Core Level test are different. For the completed Performance Profiles to be connected with the successfully completed Core Level test, the matching Performance Profiles must be selected.

If you switch to the Core Level test but have already submitted Performance Profiles, the Performance Profiles will need to be resubmitted using the edition that matches the Core Level test.

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