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Top 5 NCCER Blogs of 2021

12/30/2021 Blog

It’s been a busy year at NCCER! Between launching digital credentials, expanding our executive leadership and releasing our revised Core curriculum, we also partnered with CareerSafe, released the Journeyman Electrician Test Prep and moved all of our module testing online. We saw exciting changes in states from Alaska to New Jersey to West Virginia.

Keeping the momentum going, our recruitment and image enhancement initiative, Build Your Future, launched a brand-new website with enhanced resources. With a shifted focus on Generation Z, the updated website puts additional emphasis on authenticity while continuing to showcase construction as an industry of choice.

To keep our network in the know, Breaking Ground, NCCER’s official digital publication, covered NCCER’s news, shared a variety of blog posts and went in-depth with articles that resonated with over 70,000 of you!

Which topics where you most interested in this year? What connected with you the deepest? From gender equality to safety to career paths, check out our top five most read blog posts published in 2021:

5.   The Top Causes Behind the Gender Gap in Construction

The construction industry is one of the largest in the country, employing more than 11.2 million people in the United States alone. In spite of that massive population, nearly 90% of the industry is male. Why is there such a massive gender gap in the construction industry, and what can women do to make a name for themselves in such a competitive industry?

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4. How We Can Reduce Dust Exposure on Work Sites

Construction site managers have many responsibilities while on duty. In addition to daily tasks like risk assessment, project analysis and working on-site, they ensure the safety of all project workers.
A common element on a construction site is dust, and some types can cause severe damage and long-term health problems. Find out how you can reduce dust exposure on work sites.

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3. 5 Top Trends in the Construction Industry for 2022

The construction industry is coming out of the challenges of 2020 and 2021 into a thriving new decade of industry-wide advancements. These top construction industry trends for 2022 are creating a more advanced, welcoming and environmentally friendly industry.

Read more.

2. Six Top Growing Career Paths in Construction

When choosing a career, everyone wants something relevant. You likely strive for a future filled with opportunities, which is why so many people go into construction. These are the six top growing career paths in construction you can consider when thinking about your future.

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And our most read blog post published this year …

1. How to Become a Heavy Equipment Operator

Whether you’re working on a construction site, re-paving a road or anything in-between, heavy equipment is the backbone of the industry. Excavators, forklifts, rollers and other large pieces of machinery are to the construction industry as Atlas is to the sky — they do all the heavy lifting so we can get more done in less time and with less effort.

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For a bonus, check out our top read press release published in 2021:

Press Release: NCCER Releasing Revised Core Curriculum

The sixth edition of NCCER’s Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills will be available in spring of 2021. NCCER’s Core is a prerequisite to all of their Level 1 curricula and covers topics such as safety, introductions to hand and power tools, employability skills and more. Trainees who complete the curriculum have the basic skills needed to continue training in any craft area chosen.

Read more.

That wraps up our most popular blogs (and top press release) of 2021!

One final thought before we finish the year — thank you for reading, sharing, commenting and subscribing. I hope you enjoy the newsroom and join us in 2022 for exciting new topics.
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