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News Brief: NCCER Accreditation and Role Changes Coming Later 2022

01/27/2022 Press Release

NCCER is streamlining our accreditation process and certifications. This will lead to a better overall customer experience and help new organizations to become accredited more quickly.

Here’s what to expect:

Easy 24-hour access to NCCER system and certification training provided through our online learning management system (LMS).

We will do the training for you! You will no longer need to set aside time to train your people on NCCER systems or certifications. The following training will be available through the LMS:

Systems: Registry, Testing and Assessment

Certifications: Module Test Proctor, Curriculum Performance Evaluator, Assessment Proctor, Assessment Performance Evaluator, Mobile Crane Practical Examiner, Rigger/Signal Person Practical Examiner

An online Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) to certify instructors.

This hybrid course will include virtual training by NCCER and online courses provided through our LMS which can be used in place of the traditional ICTP.

In addition, an abbreviated, hybrid ICTP course for individuals who already hold a valid teacher certification will be available. Certified teachers will no longer need to go through the entire ICTP. The abbreviated course covers NCCER-specific training only.

Please note, existing NCCER-accredited organizations, and those in candidate status, can choose whether to continue utilizing their Master Trainers to offer the ICTP and other certifications in the traditional format or use these new options.

Online Sponsor and Secondary Representative and Primary and Secondary Administrator Courses.

These courses will be hybrid courses that incorporate virtual training provided by some of NCCER’s top trainers combined with online courses provided through our LMS that will be available 24-hours a day. These courses will provide everything needed to run NCCER training and assessment programs. Week-long Master Trainer courses will no longer be required and will be discontinued once this new structure is implemented.

To see the full list of online courses offered, click here or log into the NCCER Single Sign-On portal and click Online Courses. Check back often as more classes will be added as they become available.

More information, including webinars, will be provided over the next few months.

Note: These changes do not apply to internationally accredited organizations.

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