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The two-level curriculum for Drywall is designed to cover a range of drywall skills for drywall installation and finishing, including wall and ceiling installation and placing insulation, soundproofing, and firestopping materials. The curriculum also covers applying internal and exterior textures and trims.   

The two-level Drywall curriculum also complies with the U.S. Department of Labor’s standards for Drywall Applicator apprenticeship programs. 

Craft Snapshot

Journey Level
Assessment Available
149.5, includes Core
2007, 1st Edition
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Not Available
English, Spanish
Orientation to the Trade
5 Hours

Module ID 45101-07: Reviews the history of the trade, shows examples of the work involved, describes the apprentice program, identifies career opportunities for construction workers, and lists the responsibilities and characteristics a worker should possess.

Construction Materials and Methods
12 Hours

Module ID 45102-07: Provides an overview of the materials and techniques used in building and finishing residential and commercial buildings, including wood- and steel-framed structures, masonry construction, and concrete-formed structures.

Thermal and Moisture Protection
7.5 Hours

Module ID 45103-07: Covers the selection and installation of insulating materials in walls, floors, and attics. Also covers the uses and installation practices for vapor barriers and waterproofing materials.

Drywall Installation
25 Hours

Module ID 45104-07: Discusses types of gypsum drywall, their uses, and the fastening devices and methods used to install them. Describes installing drywall on walls and ceilings using nails, drywall screws, and adhesives. Also covers fire- and sound-rated walls.

Drywall Finishing
25 Hours

Module ID 45105-07: Covers the materials, tools, and methods used to finish and patch gypsum drywall, including automatic and manual taping tools.

Commercial Drawings
25 Hours

Module ID 45201-09: Focuses on techniques for reading and using architectural and structural drawings and specifications.

Steel Framing
50 Hours

Module ID 45202-09: Describes the types and grades of steel framing and provides instructions for selecting and installing steel framing for interior walls, exterior nonbearing walls, and partitions. Also covers engineered framing systems.

Acoustical Ceilings
20 Hours

Module ID 45203-09: Describes the materials, layout, and installation procedures for suspended ceilings used in commercial construction. Also covers ceiling tiles, drywall suspension systems, and pan-type ceilings.

Interior Specialties
15 Hours

Module ID 45204-09: Covers the composition and use of specialty interior finishing products, such as vinyl- and fabric-covered panels, wood wall and ceiling panels, and glass fiber-reinforced gypsum (GFRG) panels.

Exterior Cladding
20 Hours

Module ID 45205-09: Covers a variety of specialized exterior finish products, including EIFS, stucco, synthetic veneer stone, panelized cladding, and glass fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels.

Specialty Finishes
15 Hours

Module ID 45206-09: Covers the materials, tools, and application methods used for specialized interior finishes, such as sand, marble, clay, and Venetian plaster.

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Drywall Mechanic