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Industrial Coating & Lining Application Specialist


Developed with support from The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP, previously  NACE International), the Industrial Coating & Lining Application Specialist curriculum provides a comprehensive training for industrial coating applicators.  The two-level curriculum covers topics such as surface preparation, corrosion protection, containment, and more.

The two-level Industrial Coating & Lining Application Specialist curriculum complies with the U.S. Department of Labor’s standards for apprenticeship programs.

Craft Snapshot

2009, 1st Edition
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Curriculum Details

NCCER and NACE International, two leading providers of industry education, training, and certification, have joined forces to deliver a comprehensive industrial coating applicator training and certification program. The NCCER/NACE Industrial Coating Applicator Training and Certification Program follows the standard on Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Qualification available from NACE International.

Basic Safety
15 Hours

Module ID 00101-04; from Core, Third Edition: Explains the safety obligations of workers, supervisors, and managers to ensure a safe workplace. Discusses the causes and results of accidents and the dangers of rationalizing risk. Reviews the role of company policies and OSHA regulations in maintaining a safe workplace. Introduces common job-site hazards and protections such as lockout/tagout, personal protective equipment (PPE), and HazCom.

Basic Rigging
20 Hours

Module ID 00106-04; from Core, Third Edition: Explains how ropes, chains, hoists, loaders, and cranes are used to move material and equipment from one location to another on a job site. Describes inspection techniques and load-handling safety practices. Also reviews American National Standards Institute (ANSI) hand signals.

Introduction to the Trade
5 Hours

Module ID 69101-09: Provides an introduction to the coatings industry, including career opportunities and an introduction to coatings safety.

Surface Preparation
100 Hours

Module ID 69102-09: Explains reasons for surface preparation, standards of preparation, and methods of preparing surfaces. Describes the use of basic equipment as well as cleaning procedures.

Industrial Coatings
15 Hours

Module ID 69103-09: Describes types of coatings, their advantages and disadvantages, applications, and specific preparations required.

Coating Application
105 Hours

Module ID 69104-09: Covers the application of various coatings, including equipment setup, mixing, and preparation of coatings.

Health & Safety, Debris Mngmt, Containment, & Ventilation
47.5 Hours

Module ID 69105-09: Teaches proper health and safety procedures for operators applying coatings in an industrial workplace. The use of personal protection equipment, debris management, and proper containment and ventilation procedures are discussed.

Industrial Coating Safety
30 Hours

Module ID 69201-10: Describes safety standards and regulations, access control, and personal safety equipment and training requirements. Covers safety decision-making procedures.

Corrosion Protection
5 Hours

Module ID 69202-10: Teaches the elements of corrosion in concrete and metals and describes the chemistry of corrosion.

Work Planning and Quality Control
25 Hours

Module ID 69203-10: Explains how to follow and execute a work plan. Covers area and ratio calculations and explains how to determine VOC ratios when adding thinners. Explains the effects of pressure, volume, and temperature on surface preparation and application.

60 Hours

Module ID 69204-10: Describes the types of containment appropriate to various coating and surface preparation applications, including standards and verification. Also covers containment erection and repair.

Surface Preparation Two
80 Hours

Module ID 69205-10: Explains how to identify the surface condition of common substrates. Provides specific training in surface-preparation equipment. Describes inspection and documentation of test equipment, and processes.

Industrial Coatings Two
20 Hours

Module ID 69206-10: Discusses the physical properties of various coatings, including convertible and nonconvertible types. Also covers basic curing mechanisms and methods of film formation.

Coating Applications Two
100 Hours

Module ID 69207-10: Covers the setup, maintenance, and disassembly of conventional air spray, airless spray, air-assisted airless spray, and HVLP spraying equipment, including testing and documentation. Also covers overcoating and explains how to use wet and dry film thickness gauges.

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