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Project Supervision


Project Supervision is an important leadership curriculum that gives both experienced and new field managers a step-by-step approach to honing their abilities, developing essential skills and improving their performance as leaders.

This one-level curriculum covers topics such as human relations and problem solving, safety, planning, estimating, safety supervision, scheduling, controlling costs and resources, and managing people.

Craft Snapshot

Journey Level
Assessment Available
2001, 1st Edition
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Not Available
Orientation to the Job
5 Hours

Module ID MT201-01: Introduces the history of the construction industry and construction organization. Covers the phases of a construction project and the role and duties of the supervisor.

Human Relations and Problem Solving
20 Hours

Module ID MT202-01: Focuses on the communication process and developing effective communication and leadership skills. Compares problem solving to decision making. Discusses potential human relations difficulties and how to resolve them.

7.5 Hours

Module ID MT203-01: Describes the supervisor’s role in job-site safety, the true cost of accidents, and how to train and involve all employees in job safety. Includes OSHA safety inspections.

Quality Control
5 Hours

Module ID MT204-01: Defines different types of quality control. Explains how to incorporate quality and safety through effective communication, document control, and inspections.

Contract and Construction Documents
5 Hours

Module ID MT205-01: Teaches how to understand and interpret construction drawings, technical specifications, and as-built drawings. Includes different types of bidding, contracts, change orders, closeout documents, and more.

Document Control and Estimating
10 Hours

Module ID MT206-01: Provides an introduction to using and maintaining document control. Defines the elements of material, labor, and equipment estimates and how to develop, organize, and look for errors in an estimate.

Planning and Scheduling
17.5 Hours

Module ID MT207-01: Introduces stages of planning, how to implement a plan, and how to coordinate with other contractors. Includes planning resources, materials, equipment, tools, and labor. Discusses short- and long-term schedules.

Resource Control and Cost Awareness
15 Hours

Module ID MT208-01: Explains how to measure job-site productivity and how to increase it. Discusses resources, materials, tools, equipment, labor, quality, and cost and resource control. Introduces cost awareness and types of reports.

Instructor Resources

Instructor Toolbox

NCCER’s Instructor Toolbox provides easy access to important instructional resources for your training program. You’ll find downloadable course planning tools, examples of classroom activities and projects, and instructor tips and best practices to help you enhance your program.

Instructor Requirements

In addition to our standard instructor requirements, instructors must achieve the following education, training and experience requirements:

  • Completion of NCCER’s MTICTP or ICTP class

  • Verification and authorization by the ATS

  • Five years of verifiable experience in the area of instruction as outlined below:
    – Safety
    – Human Resources
    – Resource Controls


NCCER’s assessments evaluate the knowledge of an individual in a specific craft area and provide a prescription for upgrade training when needed. All assessments are based upon the NCCER Curriculum and have been developed in conjunction with subject matter experts from the industry. Click the assessment title below to open its specifications.

*NCCER’s Supervisor assessment and Performance Verification is endorsed by the Carolinas AGC Foundation.

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