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Site Layout


This rigorous two-level Site Layout curriculum introduces learners to key skills needed to succeed in this critically important aspect of any construction project.

Learners are introduced to surveying math, equipment use and care, EDMIs, total stations, control setup as well as concrete control and soil means and methods.

Craft Snapshot

165, includes Core
2004, 1st Edition
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Introduction to Site Layout
10 Hours

Module ID 78101-04: Provides an overview of the site layout trade and related tasks. Covers the use of the builder’s level and leveling rods, as well as the equipment and procedures for making distance measurements by taping (chaining). Also covers the elements of professional conduct, safety, and communications. Briefly describes the aspects of an apprenticeship program and the career path and professional opportunities related to the site layout trade.

Surveying Math
30 Hours

Module ID 78102-04: Expands on the Core module, Introduction to Construction Math, with emphasis on the metric system, including how to convert between English and metric system units. Covers basic concepts for working with formulas and equations, as well as basic geometry and right-angle trigonometry.

Survey Equipment Use and Care One
30 Hours

Module ID 78103-04: Covers the use and care of tools and instruments commonly used to perform site survey work. Introduces the instruments and procedures used for making distance measurements electronically and for performing differential leveling and basic horizontal and vertical angular measurements. Includes guidelines for recording surveying measurement data in field notes.

Blueprint Reading for Surveyors
20 Hours

Module ID 78104-04: Expands on the Core module, Introduction to Construction Drawings, and provides techniques for reading and using drawings and specifications. Emphasis is placed on drawings and types of information that are relevant to the site layout trade.

Advanced Surveying Math
30 Hours

Module ID 78201-04: Covers the advanced math needed for site layout, including area and volume of solids, use of the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for distances and angles, and use of polar and rectangular coordinates. Covers common coordinate and grid systems.

Survey Equipment Use and Care Two, EDMIs and Total Stations
10 Hours

Module ID 78202-04: Covers the setup, use, calibration, and care of electronic distance measuring instruments and total stations.

Control Setup
30 Hours

Module ID 78203-04: Contains information and instructions for setting up, running, recording, and closing a horizontal traverse and a level loop. Also covers primary and secondary control plans, as well as vertical control for multilevel structures.

Boundary and Topography Surveys
10 Hours

Module ID 78204-04: Contains information and instructions for gathering, recording, and plotting profile and cross-section leveling data. Includes plot and site plans to identify rights-of-way, utilities, setbacks, boundaries, and tie-in locations.

Data Collection and Basic Computer Skills
10 Hours

Module ID 78205-04: Covers the use of integrated total station systems and GPS surveying systems. Explains the use of integrated field and office software to collect and manage data.

Concrete Properties and Quality Control
15 Hours

Module ID 78206-04: Covers the chemical and physical properties of concrete and the components, such as cement, aggregates, and admixtures, that make up the concrete mixture. Explains the various methods and equipment used to sample, test, and inspect concrete.

Means and Methods
40 Hours

Module ID 78207-04: Provides extensive coverage of soils and their classifications and explains how various soils behave in excavations. Covers the safety procedures and equipment used when working in or near trenches. Provides layout procedures for footings, piers, building corners, columns, walls, embedments, and stairs.

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