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Government Entities

NCCER accredits state and national organizations like Departments of Education, Departments of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons, YouthBuild and Job Corps to provide statewide and national workforce development solutions.

NCCER for Government Entities

State, national and federal organizations utilize NCCER to standardize training and credentials across all locations. For states that are trying to attract employers, these agencies are able to provide the metrics needed to contribute to the overall picture of statewide workforce development.


Holding the accreditation at the state or system level allows agencies to onboard schools more quickly by providing established criteria and instructor certification programs.

Program management

State or system-wide accreditation allows for centralized implementation and management of programs. It also allows the agency to pull metrics at a state or system level to provide the state with an overall picture of successes, opportunities for improvement and growth of programs. This works well with states that have established point systems used to fund schools by making it easier to determine which schools or locations are meeting the standard or requirements.

Instructor and student portability

This type of standardization allows both teachers and learners to move to different locations within the state or system seamlessly without having to learn different program structures and standards.

Buying power

NCCER is able to provide enterprise deals for system-wide adoption that includes curricula, testing and credentials for learners and training and certification for teachers. This also standardizes the materials and equipment each school needs therefore providing a very clear picture of cost per school.


Organizations like Job Corps and YouthBuild are typically structured as pre-apprenticeship programs. NCCER’s programs meet the Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship time requirements and with the large number of established industry associations and contractors utilizing NCCER training programs, learners are able to articulate from these programs directly into a full apprenticeship that recognizes their prior learning.

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