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Contractors Workforce Development Assessment (CWDA)

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What is the CWDA?

The CWDA is a powerful assessment tool and process designed to objectively measure a contractor’s workforce development and training efforts and commitment. The CWDA helps improve project labor certainty by growing and improving the skilled workforce through objective metrics and effective peer benchmarking.

How Does the CWDA Work?

A contractor’s crucial first step to effectively address labor risk is an objective, honest examination of workforce development, hiring and training programs. This process evaluates, validates and improves strategies and tactics by producing a CWDA ScoreCard and Report which benchmarks performance against the industry and the competition. Contractors share their ScoreCard directly with owners and hiring contractors allowing them to know with confidence the company’s commitment to talent development and retention. The CWDA increases a contractor’s capacity to avoid serious labor challenges and increases their competitive edge when pursuing work.

Benefits of the CWDA

  • Establishes industry-wide workforce and training metrics
  • Contractors identify strengths and growth opportunities to increase ROI and improve operational excellence
  • Contractors protect their reputation and enhance their brand by delivering a competent, skilled workforce
  • Effectively demonstrates workforce development commitment to project owners and contract partners
  • Owners effectively evaluate and pre-qualify contractors to decrease labor risk and improve project outcomes
  • Facilitates safe, productive and successful project delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the CWDA?

The purpose of the CWDA is to objectively measure a contractor’s commitment and activity for workforce development and training. The goal of the CWDA is to make workforce development a key criterion in the prequalification and final selection of contractors.

What are the different types of assessments available?

There are three different types of assessments: 1) Self-Performing General Contractor, 2) Sub-Contractor, and 3) Construction Manager.

Why would a contractor update an assessment?

A contractor may choose to complete one assessment each year for each applicable assessment, or the original assessment each year can be refreshed mid-way through the subscription term. The purpose of the update is to allow an organization the opportunity to relay programs/processes etc. that have been implemented and/or improved after receiving the initial ScoreCard and Assessment Report.

Who within an organization can take an assessment?

Anyone within a contractor’s organization may complete an assessment; however, that individual must be identified as the Primary User. Within an organization, only one individual at a time can be identified as the Primary. The Primary User can assign individual questions to others within their organization.

When does a CWDA score expire?

A CWDA ScoreCard (score) does not expire; however, it must be updated annually.

Can a contractor take more than one assessment?

Contractors can complete multiple assessments. Listed below are some options for multiple assessments that may need to be completed. Our team is happy to assist in this decision process.

  • An organization may be a general contractor and a construction manager. This is two separate assessments.
  • An organization may have different and distinct divisions (i.e. maintenance, industrial, etc.), and each may require a separate assessment.
  • An organization may have multiple labor postures (open shop, union, merit) and may require a separate assessment for each.
Who can see a contractor's Scorecard and/or Strength and Opportunities for Improvement Report?

Sharing does NOT happen by default. A contractors ScoreCard and/or Assessment Report is visible and assessible ONLY to the individuals with whom it has been shared. Currently, sharing is allowable to Owner organizations and EPC, CM, GC and Prime contractors. Only an organization’s Primary User can share a ScoreCard and/or Assessment Report. An Assessment Report does not have to be shared with the ScoreCard and sharing access to either can be withdrawn at any time.

CWDA Process & Login

  1. Contractor sets up an account at to access the CWDA.
  2. Contractor initiates, completes and submits the relevant assessment(s).
  3. The CWDA Admin assigns a professional resource for the submission review/audit.
  4. The Auditor reviews the submitted data, completed assessment and supporting documentation and may conduct a telephone audit with the contractor to review responses and information provided – additional information and clarification may be requested as necessary.
  5. The contractor updates responses and provides any additional information as necessary.
  6. The Auditor assigns a score to each question in the assessment.
  7. The Auditor may provide notes and/or recommendations for each assessment question.
  8. The Auditor may provide notes and/or recommendations for the overall assessment.
  9. Upon audit approval, the CWDA ScoreCard™ and the Assessment Report are published and available to the contractor online and in PDF format.
  10. The contractor can share any past or current ScoreCard (with or without the report) to any owner or contractor (EPC, GC, Prime, etc.) online and in PDF format.
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